Don’t Let Him Fall On You!

Ever see a 600-pound man in a fight? Dig:

The smaller man’s strategy of wearing the guy out starts to work quick. When people get that big, it’s a struggle just to exist, much less engage in physical combat. When he finally toppled, and the smaller man escaped, there wasn’t a damn thing he could do.

It reminds me a bit of a local amateur fight featuring a guy that had to weigh 400 pounds. No kidding, the man was built like Grimace.


Come at me, bro!

He, too, had a tough time getting around the ring and took huge swipes at his opponent without really connecting. He took several hits to the gut, and at one point started to fall. He waved his arms, calling off the fight all the way down to the canvas.

I’m pretty sure he was tapping out to gravity.

The real trick for the little guy in these fights is making sure the behemoth doesn’t fall on him. If you thought the headline was a joke, check out this other fight featuring the same 600-pound man. Jump to the 2:00 mark, where the ref is resetting the combatants because the little guy was working on an escape but was falling out of the ring.

But hey, at least they had the guts to step into the ring…

*Ba-dump bump tsshh!*

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