Photo Friday: Spi-DERP!

Just look at this dumbass spider:



The little hairs, the eyes looking crossed, the bucktooth-like mandibles, all crack me up. Just the same:


When we flee the state, it probably won’t be to a place where things like this live. If I found one on our walls, I would bust out the 12 gauge.

This tarantula is on exhibit at the St Louis Zoo. My family visited the zoo last week and had a great time despite the temps climbing to 110°F. Admission is free, and though some of the exhibits require paid tickets, they’re very reasonable. For ten bucks a head, you can see just about everything in the zoo. A great deal for families, and a far cry from the insane expense of the Six Flags park just down the highway. We killed about six hours walking around the place, and there were still a few things we missed. That gives us an excuse to go back sometime, probably after they finish revamping the River’s Edge section of the zoo.

I debated hauling my camera bag and extra lenses due to the heat, and I’m glad I toughed it out. With the changes from indoor to outdoor exhibits and the variety of distances in viewing the animals, it was very helpful switching from the 18-55mm kit lens to the 55-250mm zoom. Having a few different camera bags available really pays off.

I took a lot of photos that day, but this one gets the nod. I’ll post the rest when I have time. Right now I have a column and two short stories to finish, and writing trumps screwing around with photos.

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