Stuff from School

I went through the Rugrats’ stuff after school today, and they came home with a few interesting items.

First, the Squirt had this in his homework:

Poor Pluto

Poor Pluto

I asked him why he crossed out Pluto, and he said “Because it’s not a planet anymore.”

Then it hit me: Pluto hasn’t been a planet since 2006. That means his teacher hasn’t bothered to update her worksheets for over six years.


Look, I like his teacher. She’s great. In fact, she’s also a co-worker. But it’s a sign of what we see far too often in schools these days: the same old things being taught with the same old methods. There is a plethora of astronomy content on the Internet, and we’re still using worksheets with outdated information on them. I guess paper and pencil trumps Neil deGrasse Tyson.

On a lighter note, Little Bird came home with this:

Afraid to Find Out

I’m afraid to find out

I saw Se7en. I know how this works.

Of course it could be much, much worse…

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