Help Tom Piccirilli Crush Cancer

Our friend Tom Piccirilli needs help.

Last week, doctors discovered a large tumor on his brain. As I write this, Tom is undergoing surgery to remove the tumor. He will have a long recovery and cancer therapy ahead of him, and there is little doubt the bills will quickly overwhelm whatever insurance he and his wife may have.

Tom and Michelle

Pic and his wife, Michelle Scalise

Tom is a great writer and a hell of a guy. A number of writers—myself included—look to Tom for advice and guidance in our work and our careers, and he is always happy to provide it. We’ve hung out at cons, we hang out online, and he and his wife were gracious enough to take my family on a tour of Estes Park and the Stanley Hotel when we visited Colorado one year.

If you’ve ever considered picking up Tom’s work, or if you’re looking for something in the horror or crime/noir genres, now’s a great time to make a purchase. His electronic publisher, Crossroads Press, is currently giving all proceeds from the sale of Tom’s books directly to Tom. If you shoot over to their website, you’ll find links to Tom’s entire Crossroads catalog in various formats. You may also want to drop by his Amazon Author Page, where his current books are available in both electronic and print editions. His most recent novel, The Last Kind Words, is a good place to start with Pic’s work.

If you would like to donate directly, Tom’s niece has set up an IndieGoGo page. With IndieGoGo, all donations will go to Tom to help defray the costs of medical bills. The campaign has already raised $10,000 in 24 hours, which is amazing. Every donation counts and would be greatly appreciated.

Our thoughts our with you, Pic. Get well soon, brother.

Update: Great news out of Colorado! Michelle has posted to Pic’s FB page that he’s awake and recovering in the ICU and already cracking jokes with the nurses. So glad to hear this. Keep it up, Tom!

Update 2: Michelle reprots things may be tougher than expected for Pic’s recovery. However, there are now two more ways you can help them with medical bills so they can concentrate on the physical and emotional recovery:

Publisher Warren Lapine is donating 200% of the October proceeds from the anthology Fantastic Stories of the Imagination to Pic.

ChiZine Publications is donating 100% of the proceeds of Pic’s Every Shallow Cut eBook.

Support a great guy and get yourself a good read. It doesn’t get much better than that. I love seeing the lit community pull together for one of their own like this. Very cool.

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