Smoke Blog: My UZI Weighs a Ton

I griped about a crummy day a couple of weeks back, and Qweequeg stepped up with an offer to send me a few cigars. Who can turn down an offer like that? Her care package arrived by the end of the week.

Care package from @Qweequeg. Sweet! Thanks!

The Rugrats enjoyed the bonus dinosaurs


How cool is that?

I started with the My UZI Weighs a Ton last weekend. I’d heard of the brand, but I had never seen one before. With a little surfing I learned it’s a collaboration between Drew Estate and Joya de Nicaragua, and it’s billed as a medium- or full-bodied cigar on various sites. Opinions seem to differ on the exact tobaccos that make up the cigar, but hints of ligero in the filler caught my eye. I have yet to be let down by a ligero blend.

On first cut, I wasn’t pleased with the draw. I used my knife to poke a cross into the packed tobacco, which freed it up some. I lit up, and the problems ended there.

This, my friends, is a good smoke. Its firm construction held its ash. It burned slow and smooth, and it took me to closing time at a local watering hole. I’d put it in the medium range, with silky smoke and notes of leather. I smoked it down to the last inch or so before the bar staff kicked us out, and it never turned hot or bitter.

Collaboration or not, Jonathan Drew has done it again. The man just knows what he’s doing. Thanks again to Qweequeg for turning me onto this smoke! I look forward to trying another soon.

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