Photo Friday: Hungry Lion

I feel bad for the lions at the Peoria Zoo.

It’s got nothing to do with the zoo itself; the lions have a nice exhibit area, and I’m sure they’re well taken care of. No, it’s the proximity of their exhibit to their prey.

So Close, Yet So Far

So close, yet so far away

The zoo has two lions, and they appear to spend most of their day staring at the handful of zebra in the next exhibit. Only a man-made ravine separates the two exhibits, and I have to wonder if the lions ever attempted the leap into the next pen.

Then again, there are two rhinos in that pen with the zebra, so maybe that gives the lions pause?

No matter. I’d hate to be sitting in the living room with a hot, fresh pizza in the kitchen, separated only by a ravine I couldn’t cross. I’m sure I’d spend most of my time figuring out how to get into that kitchen.

And with that, Photo Friday returns. Can I rebuild the momentum? Guess we’ll find out next week.

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