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Dollar Shave Club is now getting into the buttwipe business:

I’m in. I have one last disposable head on my razor and I was about to set up a DSC account anyway, so I’m going to throw a pack of Charlies on my order.

Dean Putney posted a cost analysis of a toilet wipe on Boing Boing, and he estimates it costs about a third as much to stick with traditional TP. But here’s the thing: it’s not about cost. His analysis is all well and good, and my family just purchased some TP in bulk from Costco, so the numbers are similar. Yet there are still, shall we say, issues.

I’m a big dude. My diet isn’t wonderful. There’s a hair thing involved. Do you smell what I’m shovelin’ here? Sometimes paper just doesn’t get the job done. Or it looks done, but later, well. . . issues. And I’ve been known to go through half a roll at times. What does the cost analysis say then?

Now, are there cheaper wipes out there? I dunno. Guess I’ll look. But if these are more durable than baby wipes and are biodegradable, that may be all I needed to hear.

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  1. monkeycat says:

    Let’s install a bidet (sp?)!

    Too funny but sadly true. Dingleberries are a problem with the TP.