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Photo Friday: Karate

It was graduation night at the Academy of Okinawan Karate, making this week’s Photo Friday entry subject a no-brainer.

Mr David performs the Go Pei Sho kata

Mr David performs the Go Pei Sho kata

Tonight the school’s newest black belt, Mr Jason David, was the featured graduate. He performed three times, demonstrating an empty hand kata, a kobudo (weapons) kata, and put on a board breaking demonstration.

I cranked up the ISO to help freeze the action a bit, so there’s a bit more noise in the photos than I’d otherwise like, but I feel like I’m really starting to get then hang of focusing with my 50mm prime lens and taking advantage of the available light rather than fumbling with a flash and trying to time shots.

You can find the rest of the tonight’s pics in the complete graduation set, including more pics of Mr David performing a sai kata and breaking some boards (or, more accurately, allowing a third-degree black belt to break boards on him).

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