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Lose the Gut, Save Your Mind

A follow-up to some old studies on belly size has shown there’s a possible link between obesity and dementia. This seems to coincide with a new study demonstrating a relationship between insulin and Alzheimer’s; if you’re at risk for diabetes, you may be at risk for Alzheimer’s.

That’s all I needed to hear to get out on the track or on the mat more often. If there’s one thing I fear about getting old, it’s losing my mind. Even if I were to lose function in my arms or legs, I could still find a way to write and create. If I were to become a vegetable, then that would be a lot more difficult. I can’t even begin to imagine what Terry Pratchett is going through.

I’d read about the insulin relationship before, and while it wasn’t the main reason I started exercising a couple of years ago, this new study is bumping the priority up some. Physical handicaps are easy to overcome, relatively speaking. If we lose our minds, that’s all she wrote. If a little bit of running is all that’s required to keep my brain in shape, then I think I can handle it.

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