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Smoke Blog: Kinky Friedman Big Richard

Put a selection of cigars in front of me and more often than not I’ll grab something I’ve never heard of before. Yesterday, that cigar was Kinky Friedman’s Big Richard.

The Kinky Friedman Big Richard and a Jameson for the New Year.

Mr Friedman and Mr Jameson made for good company

My friend Mark came to town to hang out and catch up, and he brought a huge bag of cigars he had picked up at a herf. The Kinky Friedman smoke was the standout, so I clipped it and lit up.

I don’t know the blend on this one, but I did enjoy it. Solid build, clean burn, tight ash and copious smoke with a fine finish. There was nothing to set it above most premium cigars, though. Nothing to make me say, “Wow, I need more of these.” For a casual smoker, or something to keep to pass around to visitors, however, it would do just fine.

I may also have discovered a new place to do some writing. The bar we visited has an enclosed, heated beer garden, and most nights I show up, the place is packed and noisy. We arrived in the early afternoon, however, and found only a few people watching college football and another guy enjoying a cigar. Even better, it was nice and quiet. I could easily set up the iPad and get some work done with a cigar there.


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