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Fun & Games & Incentives

Crime/thriller author Duane Swierczynski had a cool incentive: preorder a copy of his new novel Fun & Games and he’ll send you a goofy postcard from his cross-country road trip. I preordered the Kindle edition a few weeks back, and this week I received my postcard.

My postcard from @swierczy arrived!

Apparently someone in South Carolina thought this was a clever postcard

What a cool incentive. The postcard would make a great bookmark had I purchased a paper copy. Now it will probably get lost in the piles of crap on my desk, and then I’ll find it in a year or so and go “Oh yeah… that was cool.”

I kind of wish I’d thought of this one. But then I thought I couldn’t afford it. Of course, then I realized I’d probably only need to send out like five postcards. I could probably swing that. Well, maybe four.

If you haven’t read Swierczynski’s work, this is a good place to start as this is the first of a trilogy of books. I also highly recommend Severance Package and The Blonde.

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