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Smoke Blog: Celebration Time

Saturday afternoon, I sent the latest draft of Lie with the Dead to my editor at Evileye Books.

This calls for celebration! I busted out the cigars.

Gurkha Beauty

The Gurkha Beauty. Now I need to find the Beast.

I finished the draft just in time to grab another Thanksgiving dinner (and thus help my friends polish off leftovers), and we followed it up with smokes in the garage. I busted out a K. Hansotia Park Avenue 44, a slender stick with a Connecticut wrapper.

Very nice. Smooth, creamy, and light on the palate. I liked its clean burn and thick, white smoke. Good stuff. No less than one would expect from the man behind Gurkha cigars.

Which made a nice prelude to hitting another friend’s man cave today for football, stuffed pizza, drinks, and smokes. It made a great spot to break out the Gurkha Beauty (pictured above) my publisher gave me over the summer, and I promised I’d hold out on smoking it until I finished Lie with the Dead.

If I’d known it would be this good, I would have had a much harder time waiting.

Billed as a medium-body smoke, I found it loaded with flavor, most notable a hint of leather. Its clean finish surprised me, given the heady flavor. It boasted a smooth draw and solid construction, and it never burned too hot. I was most impressed, however, with it’s near three-hour burn time. I lit up after lunch and only put it down long enough to grab a refill on my drink, but it still burned slow and steady.

It jumped to my top five, easy. I may need to track down the Beast next summer.

We had time for one more, so I selected a Nub Maduro. I’m not sure I would have tasted anything less after the Beauty, and the Maduro’s hints of cocoa worked out just fine. I generally like Nubs, but I find they often burn out easy. This one was no different. It didn’t harm the experience, but it’s just part of the process for such a thick cigar.

All in all, a well-celebrated occasion. I have no release date information for Lie with the Dead yet, but I hope to be through a final draft with my editor before long. Then the publisher will start nailing down a release schedule.

In the meantime, you may want to pick up Winter Kill in trade paperback or on the Kindle. You will be able to read Lie with the Dead on its own, but it will be a far more enjoyable experience if you stick with the series.

In the meantime, I’ll get back to plotting Book 3. After fans read Lie with the Dead, they’re not going to want to wait long for the next installment in the series. \m/

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