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Public Service Announcement

Phear the Stickers
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When you purchase a laptop computer, it’s yours.

You do not need to keep the store display stickers on the machine. These are on every laptop because the manufacturer has no way of knowing which one a retailer will open for display (and conversely, a retailer would have no way of knowing which unit is stickered for display without some rather inconvenient tracking methods).

You are not voiding warranties by taking them off. You are not harming the computer by taking them off. You are making a gunky, disgusting mess on your laptop.

If it doesn’t bother you, well, more power to you. It just surprises me how often I see this. I think geeks are the only ones who peel these. And even then, only about half the geeks remove the sturdier, metallic Windows-capable and Intel logo stickers.

Of course, I also have no qualms about slashing open those “do not remove or we’ll void your warranty” stickers that hold desktop cases closed, either.

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