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This Is Your Modern World

An Indian man claims to have a magical leg. Got a medical problem? Touch it and be healed. It even grants wishes to those in need!
Why magic would be centered in one’s leg is beyond me, but the sadder part is people believe the guy. A few men believed him enough, in fact, to chop off his leg and steal its power for themselves. It amazes me that people can still be this backward.

Sadly, even people in modern societies are not exempt from the same stupidity and gullibility. Would you ever believe someone was a secret agent with the ability to task satellites to scan your body for medical defects and then dispatch stealth doctors to creep into your home and administer appropriate remedies while you were counting sheep? I sure wouldn’t.

Yet a Louisiana couple fleeced friends and neighbors out of nearly a million bucks using just that scam.

These are the people I have difficulty summoning up sympathy for. I understand not everybody is tech savvy, but this scam is right up there with orbital mind control lasers and aluminum foil deflector beanies. I can understand people falling for real estate investment scams; those at least make some semblance of sense before the perp skips out with your cash.

If you believe Norton Antivirus can protect you from avian flu, though, and you hand over wads of cash before doing your homework, then you’ve got it coming.

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