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Photo Friday Weeks 28 & 29: Violence

Let’s try a little catch-up, shall we?

First, two weeks ago I hit East Peoria Throwdown Round 6, and this time I decided to try the 18-55mm kit lens to allow for a little more zoom range than the 50mm prime I normally use.

Looking for an Opening

Looking for an Opening

Once again, the fence played havoc with my focusing. The view through the viewfinder looks sharp, but when I uploaded everything to the computer, I noticed most of the pics were out of focus or had selected the fence over the fighters. Not cool. I really need to practice with my manual focus and figure out how to get finer control over what I see through the viewfinder.

I think I’ll go back to the prime lens next time, too; the speed advantage trumps the zoom flexibility.

Last week a friend got some tickets for opening night for the Peoria Rivermen AHL hockey team at Peoria’s Carver Arena. This time around, I was much happier with my lens selection, bringing my 55-250mm. It brought me right in on the action.

Fists Fly

Fists Fly (or, as my son called it, "UFC on ice!")

We were on the upper deck and this fight went down on the far end of the arena, but I was able to zoom in and, with the camera on continuous mode, just fire away. The lighting in the arena was great, making it easy to grab a good shutter speed for freezing the action.

The only thing I might do different here next time is to set a custom white balance off the rink (some came in a little yellow), or even — at last — shoot in RAW and set the white balance in post. I feel like I should finish writing the sequel to Winter Kill before I start dabbling in all that, though.

In all a disappointing night, followed by a good night. It all balances out in the end.

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