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Photo Friday: The Lookout

I wasn’t happy with the graduation photos I shot on Friday, so I used a photo from our family trip to Tower Park in Peoria Heights on Saturday.

The Lookout

"Some day, this will all be mine."

The Wife and I had been there before, so this time we took the kids to enjoy the view. The Tower is a functioning water tower with a half million gallons inside. An elevator carries visitors to a three-level observation deck two hundred feet up. Little Bird went up on her tiptoes to see over the edge, and I snapped this photo.

I managed to get a fun photo of the family, too, as I was coming down the spiral staircase after them.

The Family

"I'm crushing your head!"

The kids really enjoyed it, and given it was only $7.75 for all of us, it’s not a bad deal. The kids already want to go back.

As a bonus, there are plaques all around the perimeter of the observation deck. Most of them are arrows pointing to cities and their distances, ranging from local cities to more distant places like Los Angeles, Sydney, and even Polaris (the North Star). There are also a few plaques with famous quotations.


Writing books counts, right?

I went up light, just carrying my kit lens. Sometime I would love to get a hold of a really good telephoto lens and see what kinds of things I can spot. Until I’m rich, though, the kit lens will have to do.

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