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Smoke Blog: Diesel

I had a fantasy football draft this evening, so while I was out screwing up my team I decided to light up a Diesel, a cigar brand I’d never tried before. Its torpedo shape and rich, dark brown wrapper looked interesting enough, and it had a nice, full-bodied scent, so I clipped it, grabbed a matchbox, and carried it outside with the laptop.

The humidor’s running a hair hot and humid due to the weather and our reluctance to fire up the A/C this year. Heck, I haven’t added water to the puck since Spring and it’s still averaging high seventies on both temp and humidity, with an occasional spike into the 80-82 range. I blame these conditions for the initial lighting issues I had with the Diesel.

Once I kept it going, though, it produced dense smoke and had a smooth, easy draw. I’d call it full-bodied in flavor, if somewhat unremarkable to others in its category. It burned clean for an hour and a half, and the ash demonstrated its good construction. It did canoe a bit, but given I was largely distracted by the laptop and the draft chat, I’ll take the blame. Near the end I started to compose a brief review in my head, thinking I’d tag it as a good, if not great, smoke for hanging out.

Then I stood up.

Wow. The buzz came rolling in like a heavy wave. I don’t usually pursue cigars just for this effect, but this it pushed the Diesel near the top of my smoke list for celebrations or after a tough day at work. One of these and a good craft beer would make a potent combination, something I’ll have to keep in mind in the future.

I should add this is one of several cigars I received in a “bombing run” from my cousin Mark and his friends in Ward B at the Cigar World community forum. They heard my humidor ran empty through the summer and decided to fix the problem for me. Thanks to their willingness to help a brother when he’s down, I’ll be equipped well into the fall, if not longer. I thanked each of them directly, but I’ll have to make the time to jump into the forum and thank them again soon.

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