In Your Face


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Do people really subject themselves to this stuff?

The Allerton Hotel in Chicago has these mirrors in the bathroom that blow your face up to something like twice normal size. Even in the picture I took of my magnified mug, I can see the line of my contact lens against the white of my right eye.

I didn’t think much of the mirror when I first spotted it, but then my hair caught my eye. Turns out it was my stubble. I thought “holy crap I need a shave,” only to look at the regular mirror to see little more than a shadow. Then I saw a red mark. An ingrown hair? The start of a pimple?

Either way, it didn’t look good.

In seconds I was sweating all manner of small stuff, not a one of which I could even remotely see in the regular mirror. Things even a high-def camera couldn’t pick up. If anyone got close enough to see what I was seeing in that makeup mirror, they were either the Wife or they were looking for a beating.

If there really are people out there maintaining their face right down to the millimeter in one of these things, they have some serious issues.

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