Photo Friday: Ghost

This week’s Photo Friday subject is our new kitten, Ghost:



After our last cat was hit by a car last weekend, we thought it would be appropriate to rescue a kitten from an animal control facility. This little guy was part of a litter of five gray tabby cats, and one of many kittens up for adoption there. It’s not a no-kill shelter, so I hope his brothers and sisters find homes soon.

Sure, he’s cute now, but he’ll grow up to be a cat. And then he’ll have a job to do: kill the field mice before they can get into the house once harvest season starts. He may be a little small yet this fall, but next year he should be ready to go.

I used my long telephoto to capture the pic as he napped on the edge of the couch beside my middle son, mostly because I didn’t want to spook him. I zoomed to 96mm and let the camera handle the rest. No flash, no crop, just a B&W switch and a little bit of vignetting in post.

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  1. Troy says:

    Cute kitten…my 17.5 lb Maine Coon would be frightened of him.

    Take care,