Photo Friday: Mom’s Little Bird

What mom wouldn’t swoon at a photo like this?

Tball Bird

Little Bird after her t-ball opening game

It’s funny how I shoot several photos during the game for Photo Friday, yet it’s the quick candid on the way home that makes the grade. I suspect it’s because I’m just not trying too hard.

I’m also a bit disappointed in the performance of my Canon 55-250mm lens. It’s not bad, especially given its an entry-level lens, but I’ve noticed it just doesn’t get very sharp photos of subjects at longer distances. Granted I need to work on my sharpening skills in Photoshop and Lightroom, but I feel like I should be getting better results straight off the camera. If I start saving some bucks now, maybe I’ll have enough for a real lens by the time the rugrats get into high school sports.

Bonus photo: while one rugrat was playing baseball, another tried to sneak up and take me out.


He tried to shoot me in the back!

He didn’t count on my keen powers of observation as he crept from tree to tree behind the bleachers, and my shutter finger beat his trigger finger. To his credit, though, none of the other families on the bleachers noticed. Solid Snake would be proud.

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