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When I ran out of cigars last week, my man Mark sent me a little care package:

Care Package

Yeah, this will do nicely!

The two on the right stand out? Yeah, they did for me, too. I wasn’t familiar with Game cigars before this point, but a quick Google search told me they’re machine-made, flavored cigars. White Grape and Wine seemed like odd choices for cigar flavors, but because flavored cigars can contaminate a humidor, I started with them.

Despite their labels, though, both tasted the same: a sweet, creamy, almost vanilla flavor. They burned quick—a consequence of the machine process—and grew hot near the end, and the ash crumbled easy. They’re a step up from, say, Swisher Sweets, but are still better suited to gas stations and convenience stores than premium cigar shops.

Anyone looking for a flavored cigar should stick to the good stuff: Drew Estate’s ACID line. The ACIDs are rolled like any other cigar and have their own blends, and they have four flavor ranges in a variety of flavors from sweet and gentle to bold and spicy. Drew Estate’s Ambrosia and Sauza Tequila cigars are also good smokes, with the Ambrosia being a bit lighter and sweeter and the Sauza Tequila having a more subtle flavor.

More importantly, though, the Game cigars did their job in letting me get some work done. It doesn’t matter much what the cigar tastes like, as long as the fingers are flying across the keyboard.

Mission accomplished, Mark!

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