Deadliest of the Species
Vox13 Publications, 2001
2001 Bram Stoker Award Winner for Superior Achievement in a First Novel
Das Tödliche Geschlecht (German edition), Otherworld Verlag, Spring 2008
Evileye Books, Remastered Edition, 2013


The Pack
Evileye Books

Book 1: Winter Kill
Kindle Edition: November 2009
Trade Paperback: December 2009
Limited Edition Hardcover: coming soon

“Big Bad Wolves”
Short Comic
November 2011

“Bravo Four”
Short Story
July 2012


In collaboration with Geoff Cooper, Michael T. Huyck, Jr., and Brian Keene
Delirium Books
October 2001


“Pig Money”
A Dark and Stormy Night
Short Comic
Kaleidoscope Entertainment
Fall 2012

To Fight with Monsters
with Brian Keene
Antarctic Press

Werewolves: Call of the Wild
With Joe Bucco (art)
Moonstone Books
Three issues, 2006

“Wallow in Death” (4-page short comic)
Hack/Slash Trailers Part Two
Image Comics
November 2010


Muy Mal
Asphalt & Alchemy
“Bastard Precinct” – January 1, 2006
“Down Vendetta Road” – January 1, 2006
“Cataclysm” – Halloween 2006

Short Fiction

“Algorithms of the Heart”
Clickers Forever
Thunderstorm Books
Summer 2017
Reprint – Part of Restore from Backup
Crossroad Press
March 2018

“The Beast of Bel’Hamin”
Swords in the Shadows
Outland Entertainment
Coming 2023

“Behavior Therapy”
In Laymon’s Terms
Cemetery Dance Publications
June 2010

“The Burden”
1st Appearance – Black Petals Magazine, Vol. III, No. 2, Spring 2000
Reprint –, October 2000
Reprint – The Best of Horrorfind, August 2001
Honorable Mention, The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 14th Annual Collection

“Crazy for You”
In collaboration with Brian Keene
Crime Spree, edited by Trey R. Barker and Sandra G. DeLuca
December Girl Press
September 2001
Reprinted in In Delirium II, Delirium Books, January 2008

“Desert Seer”
Bloody Muse e-zine
September 2000

“A Dichotomy of Belief”
Bell, Book & Beyond, edited by P.D. Cacek
Design Image Group
November 2000

“Engaging Entropy”
In collaboration with Michael T. Huyck, Jr.
Delirium Books
October 2001

“A Family Tree, Uprooted”
The Burning Maiden
Evileye Books
September 2012

“Feeding Bessie”
Deadbolt Magazine issue #5
November 1999

“Hell Hath No Fury”
Delirium Books
October 2001

“In the Grasp of Fear and Trembling”
Dark Testament
Edited by Shane Ryan Staley
Delirium Books
January 2002

“Just a Quick Pickup”
Athena Voltaire Pulp Tales Volume 1
Action Lab
December 2017

“The Money Shot”
In Delirium
Edited by Brian Keene
Delirium Books
January 2006

“Little Miss Muffet is Dead, Baby”
co-written with Michael T. Huyck, Jr.
A Walk on the Darkside
September 2004

“One Last Night in August”
The Rising: Necrophobia
Delirium Books
January 2004

“Pact with the Devil”
Phantasm: Further Excursions into Oblivion
Winter 1999

“Poisoning the Wound”
Extremes 4: Darkest Africa
Edited by Brian A. Hopkins
Lone Wolf Publications
January 2002

Restore from Backup
Novella, with J.F. Gonzalez
First Print: Bad Moon Books, Fall 2007
Reprint: Crossroad Press, March 2018

“The Servants of Set”
The Phantom Chronicles
Moonstone Books

“Shades of Red”
Dark Fluidity – Summer 2001
Reprint – Darker Dawning II: Reign in Black, April 2002

“Smiling Corpses”
Part of a round robin story
The Red, Red Robin Project
Lone Wolf Publications
May 2000

“A Splash of Color”
Dark Arts
Edited by John Pelan
Cemetery Dance Publications

“Surpassing the Little Death”
A Darker Dawning
May 2001

The Fear Within
3F Publications
August 2003

“To Fight with Monsters”
In collaboration with Brian Keene
Delirium Books
October 2001

“To Travel Among Men”
New Dark Voices
Delirium Books
Hardcover 2004
Trade Paperback 2007

“Tweet Tweet, Little Twat”
Shotgun Honey
June 2011

“Tunnel Rats”, November 2002
Reprint – The Best of Horrorfind II, August 2003

“A Vain Exercise in Absolution”
1st Appearance – Sackcloth & Ashes (UK) issue #7, March 2000
Reprinted – Dark Horizons e-mail zine, December 2000
Reprinted – The Murder Hole online, November 2002

“Violent Quarry”
In collaboration with James Futch
March 2003

Warning Signs
Brimstone Turnpike
Cemetery Dance Publications

“Who Trespasses Against Him”
Catalyst Press
April 2003

“With This Bullet”
Needle: A Magazine of Noir
Fall 2011

“The Wrench in Her Works”
Shotgun Honey: Both Barrels
December 2012


Regular Contributor (Linux Fanatics, Mobile Lifestyle)
June 2004 – July 2005

“Blood ‘N’ Bytes” – monthly technology column
Jobs in Hell market newsletter
September 2000 – September 2003

“Free and Easy Mail Filtering with Exim and FreeBSD”
Ping! Zine webhosting magazine
November 2004

“Go West Young Writers: A Prelude to WHC2000”
Co-written with Michael T. Huyck, Jr.
Jobs in Hell issue 28
May 2, 2000

“Hotplug networking with ifplugd”
May 17, 2005

“How to Spot a Serial Killer”
Last Pentacle of the Sun:
Writings in Support of the West Memphis Three

October 2004

“Keene Insight: An Interview with Brian Keene”
Terror Tales e-zine and website
April 2000

“Long Live the King”
Studies in Modern Horror issue #2
February 2004

“Making an Impact: An Interview with Yvonne Navarro”
Deadbolt Magazine issue #6
March 2000

“Protect Your PC for Free! No More Excuses!”
Help Net Security
March, 2003

“Trippin’ to the Corner of a Dark America: Your WHC Seattle Survival Guide”
Co-written with Michael T. Huyck, Jr.
Jobs in Hell issue 82
May 15, 2001

“The Triumphant Return of the Conquering Heroes: The WHC 2000 Post-Game Report”
Co-written with Michael T. Huyck, Jr.
Jobs in Hell issue 31
May 23, 2000

“A Wanna-Be Visits WHC”
Bloody Muse e-zine
May 1999

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