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Photo Friday: Again with the Camera?

Today’s Photo Friday was more about experimenting with the camera than anything. I jacked the ISO way up to 1600 for the low light in our living room, then opened up the aperture and got in close to blow out the background. I pestered the Wife to be the subject.

Quick Portrait

"Are you done?"

I did an 8×10 crop to kill a background annoyance and vignetted a bit. Shot in RAW, converted to B&W in post. Canon 50mm 1.8 lens (the plastic one).

Lesson learned: ISO 1600 on this camera (Digital Rebel XSi) introduces a lot of noise. I put the focus point right on her left eye, and I’m not sure whether the high ISO killed the sharp definition or if it’s just not that great a lens (it’s the sub-$100, plastic nifty fifty). I’ll keep experimenting.

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