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The World is Just Awesome

My family is hooked on this Discovery Channel commercial:

Apparently Coop is, too; he sent me the audio via multimedia message with his shiny new phone. If the kids start acting up in the car, I press a couple buttons and they’re suddenly singing along with the boomdiadas.

Personally, I think it’s a brilliant bit of advertising: it’s eye-catching, it’s got a good audio hook, it showcases all of their popular shows, and it has that feel-good quality with that “the world is just awesome” slogan.

Another current favorite is a new radio spot for Jimmy John’s featuring a stalker. The narrator talks about falling in love with a woman who makes sandwiches. After he talks about the sandwiches, he says he’s going to marry her and they will make sandwiches together and the world will be a better place. If she doesn’t marry him, he says “she will be very, very sorry.” All delivered in the same deadpan manner. Too cool.

I tinkered a bit with advertising and marketing in college, weighing it against journalism as a way to make a career out of writing and/or creativity should my writing never take off. It’s things like this that make me wish I’d pursued advertising a little harder.

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