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Photo Friday: Ghost Will End You

This week I dragged my feet and defaulted to a simple subject: the cat.

Ghost Will End You

"Get that camera out of my face, or I will end you."

His name’s Ghost, but he also answers to Douchebag.

For those who care about such things: Canon kit lens, SpeedLite flash bounced off the ceiling.

On a separate photography note, I’ve been using my BlackRapid camera strap a lot, and I dig the hell out of it. I’ll let the manufacturer explain the concept:

I wore it all day while walking around Sundance, and my camera was always accessible and never got in my way. I slung the camera low near my hip wore my shirt and jacket over the strap, which made it very comfortable. Most of the time I didn’t even know it was there. With both bumpers to lock the camera in place, I could crouch down to pick things up and the camera wouldn’t fall or dangle in front of me.

So far, the RS-7 is the single best investment I’ve made in my camera kit. It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth it for what it does.

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