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Smoke Blog: Montecristo Social Club

When I got my first invite to the Montecristo Social Club, I assumed they were trying to sell me something.

When I got my second a short time later, and I saw they were offering a free punch just for signing up, I thought, “Hey, I can use a new punch.” It appeared they were simply building a social network for cigar smokers, so I decided I’d sign up and poke around.

My Montecristo Social Club membership box. Nice!

Quite a package for a freebie item

The club key and punch, it turns out, is not some cheap, plastic trinket, but a nice, solid, metal key with a cigar punch hidden in the barrel. It has some real heft to it, it has a small ring to attach to a keyring or lanyard, and it looks good to boot. It also came packed in a snazzy box emblazoned with the Montecristo Social Club logo.

Impressive! You don’t normally see freebies like this.

The Club site itself is interesting. I created an account, and there are groups, friend requests, and messages, similar to what one would see on most social sites. There is also a humidor section, so users can share what they have in stock, and there’s an ashtray connected to it so users can share what they’ve smoked recently (complete with a brief review). There are also articles, ranging from cigar brands and cigar education to things like drinks, technology, and travel. Most are brief, similar to the content in a men’s magazine or similar online venue.

I’m assuming I got an invite based on my Twitter and Smoke Blog reviews, but if someone else invited me, thanks!┬áTime will tell if I’ll spend a lot of time in there, but given I’m already a fan of most Altadis brands, they just ensured my next humidor restock will include some Romeo y Julietas.

And now I regret not working harder to figure out how to get a Twitter-like cigar smokers’ network off the ground.

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