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Smartphone Showdown

The time has finally come for me to upgrade to a smartphone. I need a QWERTY keyboard, and the Internet access functions would be nice for several reasons. My choice is down to the MOTO Q9c or the HTC PPC6800 (known as the Mogul on Sprint). If anyone out there has experience with one or the other, please let me know what you think.

Some quick background: I’m on US Cellular and this is what they offer. They’re a CDMA network, so unlocked phones are not an option. They have Crackberries, but I’m not paying an extra $15 for the Crackberry service. I’d prefer a Palm phone over a Windows Mobile phone, but US Cellular only has WM phones.

AT&T is not an option because their coverage sucks. If I were to buy an iPhone, it would be useless in a few months because AT&T reserves the right to cancel my contract since I’m in “partner coverage” 99% of the time. Verizon offers the next-best coverage in my area, but the Wife and I are full-time cellular and it’s not quite good enough. Nextel claims coverage, but I have yet to see that bear true for a few Nextel users. Even if I could get coverage, I’d have to wait until January when my contract expires, and I don’t have that kind of patience right now.

So. The Q9c or the PPC6800. Thoughts?

Update: I just found out I can get a Crackberry plan for the same price as a Windows Mobile plan. The extra $15 is only if I want to access corporate email, which I don’t. As such I can add Crackberry Curve 8330 to the Showdown.

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