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Photo Friday: RPG Day

Tim and I introduced our sons to role playing games last weekend, and they had a blast.

Dice English

Be honest, geeks: who among us didn’t try to influence important dice throws like this?

Tim busted out his Dragon Age boxed set and gave the kids a great rundown of how RPGs work and what to expect. The whiteboard on the table was a nice touch, giving us somewhere to take notes, keep track of character info, and even help contain errant dice when the kids got too excited.

Checking Skills

“I want to do this backstabby thing and do more damage!”
That’s how it’s done, son.

The two eight year olds wandered a bit, and only really got interested when it was time to fight monsters and roll dice. My ten year old, though, jumped in with both feet. He figured out the combat fast, and worked out how to read his character’s skills to best handle a given situation. Now he’s begging me for RPGs to play at home, and he dug out my old AD&D (2nd edition!) and Call of Cthulhu books. He doesn’t quite get that I can’t teach him to play in ten minutes—especially since I haven’t played in well over a decade—so I downloaded a copy of Dungeon Squad! for him. Five pages, simple rules. All he needs is my old dice.

These won’t technically be the best photos in the Photo Friday set, but they get high marks for nostalgia. Deal.

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