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Why Did I Move to the Sticks Again?

Ice Road Truckin’
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Sights like this are one of the few things that make me miss living in the ‘burbs, or at least living in larger towns.

The drive from my office to our second campus is six miles, and today four miles of it were covered in the ice and snow you see here. We face a double whammy: the county is low on funds and thus is low on road salt, and there is nothing in our wide-open fields to stop the wind from blowing snow across the roads.

I realize the city streets may not be ideal, either, but you’re typically going to be traveling at a lower rate of speed and at night you have streetlamps so you’re not surprised by sudden drifts.

Yes, drifts. Though a lot of the ice had melted off on the other side of town by late afternoon, driving home from karate this evening I ran into knee-high patches of snow along the center line. If there hadn’t been a steady stream of traffic to keep the snow from building up in the traffic lanes, the road would have been impassable.

It’s days like this that it would be nice to have a much shorter drive to the dojo, or be able to walk to the corner store, or to have dinner delivered. I think it’s going to be another long winter.

Now I understand why we have so many neighbors who are snowbirds.

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