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Smoke Blog: Foundry

Warmer weather is finally landing today, which means I’ll be able to sit down for a cigar outside at last. This summer, I expect a fair number of those cigars will come from the Foundry Tobacco Company brand from General Cigar.

Americium Box

Foundry Elements: Americium

A local liquor store has been rotating a few different sticks from the Foundry lines through their humidor, and I have yet to find one I didn’t like. I’ve also purchased a box online and picked up several more from another liquor store’s humidor, and again, I have always been pleased.

Last weekend I had one from their War of the Currents series, and it was a definite win. Smooth draw, clean burn, and a strong flavor without any harsh edges or heat. In short, everything I’ve come to expect from their line.

I enjoy their design, too. There’s a certain hipster quality to it all for sure, but it’s a nice departure from the same old traditional cigar bands and boxes that we’ve seen for decades. I kept the Americium box to carry cigars and supplies in, and it attracts a lot of curiosity from wait staff and other customers in the bar where I usually smoke.

Foundry & Four Roses

Foundry always pairs well with bourbon, too!

The War of the Currents bands are loaded with detail, and the Elements & Musings all have distinct, beautiful bands as well. I really like the metal accents that come with many of their cigars, including a toothed gear ring and a mock electrical fuse. I have a small handful of each floating around my office now.

Unfortunately a lot of these cigars are not available on the online outlets I frequent, and we don’t have a real cigar store around here. When my humidor starts running low, I’ll have to make a few phone calls and take a road trip to a proper smoke shop and see what I can find.

Until then, I’ll be content to keep experimenting with their lines as I find them.

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