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Photo Friday: Corona Ritas and the Scare Bear

Never did get around to posting last week’s Photo Friday entry, so I’ll tack it on to this week’s.

First up, an example of how the real writing work gets done:

Corona Rita

Yes, both glasses are mine. Why do you ask?

This is an improved shot from the night Cullen Bunn and I got together to chat about the writing biz and do some brainstorming. There in the foreground you can see my trusty Moleskine notebook. Nothing fuels a night of brainstorming like a few drinks, a belly full of tacos, and pencil in hand.

The Cerveza Rita, aka Corona Rita, is mighty tasty, by the way. Mix up a margarita, upend a bottle of beer in it, and drink up. As the level of the margarita drops, the beer starts to pour in. It mixes for a bit, until pretty soon you’re just drinking the last of the beer. If you’re the type of person who likes a lime in your Corona, I would suggest asking the bartender to drop it in the bottle before upending the bottle into the margarita glass.

This, by the way, was the small Cerveza Rita. (Hey, we’d just polished off a pitcher of the regular stuff.) They make a regular size with a regular bottle of Corona, and they make a large which is big enough for two bottles of Corona. Drink up!

This week’s photo is once again off the smartphone:

Scare Bear

Scare Bear attack!

Little Bird is so bad ass, she chases bears up tress!

We’ve seen this a statue a few times before, but this is the first I came up with this idea. Once again I’m reminded to carry my Digital Rebel with me more often. Sometime I’ll go back and re-shoot this with the Rebel, but we had fun with this oen and for now it stays in the set.

In other news, another hellacious work week has come to an end. I think I’m finally through the worst of it and I can get some real work (otherwise known as writing) done for a change.

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